Uncle Farage

  •j5•k4~+$•  •s!   •s!~{4•{4~{4~+$•s!
  oz5•j5ox$•p0•p0   •  •j5•k4•j5oz5•p0
 The little gold star in a sea of blue

  x•}{t  My name is Nigel Farage, DJ
  j<•l5  and the people's moaner!
  o•/•?  I'm going to break open the
  "m•>!  secrets about the EU that they
  x•i•t  don't want you to know!
 Have you noticed how mirrors can make
 it look like there are more people
 than there really are? I have, and it's

 They should ban mirrors. That way,
 we will find out how many people there
 really are. I bet it's not seven
 billion. More like 100,001.

 The country is full. FULL OF MIRRORS!
 Probably made by faceless eurocrats to
 make us pay benefits to the French!

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